The Aurico Difference

Intuitive Candidate Experience

CareerBuilder is trusted by candidates during their career search. Trusting Aurico to complete the background check is comfortable and enhances the candidate experience.

Trusted by candidates around the world, we work closely with them to develop an accurate, complete and compliant candidate profile.

Survey: CareerBuilder's Candidate Experience Study

Aurico is a candidate-centric organization. That means we not only verify information, but we help guide them through the experience. Candidates not only trust Aurico, but they remember who reached out to them during the hiring process. It's why we are so focused on delivering a positive experience.

Guide: Candidate Experience From End-to-End

Having a simple, mobile, easy to use candidate experience is a must. As a CareerBuilder company, no one knows candidates better than Aurico. With access to the most candidates, we've built and continue to enhance the most engaging, trustworthy and effective mobile candidate experience in the industry allowing you to hire faster and turn more offer accepts into starts.

We provide candidates with:

Dedicated Applicant Help Desk

Dedicated Candidate Help Desk

Managed by trained experts who can appropriately address candidate needs and answer questions.

Self-Service Tools

Self-Service Tools

Screening is user-friendly and fast with a wizard-driven and fully automated candidate self-service tool.

Accurate Form Creation<

Accurate Form Creation

Candidates can complete forms quickly and accurately with auto-populated online smart pages, moving the pre-employment screening process forward efficiently.

Global-Friendly Applications

Global-Friendly Applications

Forms and expert assistance are available in multiple-languages, including electronic authorization and consent.

Aurico Audit

Aurico Audit

Our exclusive auditing process identifies gaps, omissions and potential inaccuracies in documentation, improving information capture and delivering a better report.

Real-Time Stats

Recruiters and hiring managers have real time access to background screening status, eliminating the need to reach out to the candidate.

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