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Background Screening / Verifications

Did you know that one out of three resumes contains substantially incorrect information, and 70% misrepresent at least one fact?

With the pool of job seekers larger than ever, separating fact from fiction takes experience, insight and verification. Businesses simply can't afford to waste time and money pursuing less-than-ideal applicants.

With Aurico, organizations never have to worry about flawed facts or embellished details. We specialize in finding people with the desired skills, the right behaviors and values, and with verified credentials.

No other company can produce the targeted 360° profile we provide in support of matching the right person with the right position at the right time.

Quite simply, we dig deeper, while redefining the standards for exemplary service. That's why we answer our phone within four rings even during extended business hours. It's why we provide proven, solution-focused advice. And it's why we strive to ensure 100% satisfaction, before every conversation ends.

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We have the expertise to keep you compliant amid changing regulations—however and wherever you do business. We use technology to help you capture data and details so faster and superior hiring decisions can be made, every time.

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