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Due Diligence

We align ourselves with solid strategic partners and robust business alliances. We know that only by an extensive and complete understanding of a business can we maximize our solutions.

An Aurico Due Diligence Report gives a thorough, behind-the-scenes look at the history of a business and its decision makers. These are vital reports when a company is considering:

  • Business acquisition
  • Acquiring a new client
  • Merger
  • Creating a partnership
  • Signing an agreement
  • Purchasing a franchise
  • Evaluating a franchisee
  • Investing in another company, hedge fund or venture capital firm
  • Starting a new business endeavor with an unknown partner

We develop each Aurico Due Diligence Report using a national network of paralegals, original documents, state and federal agencies, and international agents in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. We can uncover a company's financial data, annual reports, regulatory information (i.e. SEC filings) and other relevant resources.

Completed reports are available on our password-protected and secure website, www.auricoinvestigations.com. The process is confidential and the results of investigative searches are posted in real time.

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