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Aurico has always been thorough. I love the fact that the system we use is very easy to navigate... Aurico is an extension of our HR dept. We've had the same Customer Service rep since 2009 and we absolutely love that. - Sharyce Ousley, Corporate HR Assistant, Clausen Miller

You can tell a lot about a company's dedication to its customers by its platform technology. Is it user-friendly, or is it rigid and inflexible? Is it customer-centric or exclusive?

When it comes to a user-friendly, customer-centric platform, nothing compares to Aurico's WebACE™.

WebACE™ is a business savvy, economical and adaptable solution for screening services. Our proprietary, cloud-based portal consolidates background screening, drug testing, I-9 and occupational health services. This powerful tool reduces manual intervention, provides extensive business intelligence, mitigates hiring risks, and delivers a unified and powerful applicant experience.

WebACE™ was built specifically for HR professionals. In fact, we enlisted the help of HR professionals in its initial design. We continue to improve upon our platform by listening to our clients today. WebACE™ is easy to navigate and stress-free to deploy (either as a standalone implementation or as a bolt-on integration). No other platform in the industry comes close. WebACE™ also incorporates a clearly illustrated dashboard, user-friendly navigation and an array of intuitive features.

WebACE™ can scale workflows of almost any kind and complexity, and provides more than 1,500 configurable options. No other platform can match WebACE™ and its ability to help you expedite, streamline and facilitate better hiring decisions and navigate superior talent pools.

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