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Applicant Experience

Placing the right people in the right roles at the right time is of vital importance to the performance of your business. We work closely with applicants to develop an accurate, complete and compliant applicant profile.

Crucial in that development is carrying out a thorough screening process. Often this is a collaborative effort between the background screening provider, the employer and the applicant.

Aurico is an applicant-centric organization. That means we not only verify the right talent, but we help them throughout the experience. Applicants remember who reached out to them during the hiring process. It's why we are so focused on delivering a positive experience. We provide applicants with:

Dedicated Applicant Help Desk

Dedicated Applicant Help Desk

Managed by trained experts who can appropriately address applicant needs and answer questions.

Self-Service Tools

Self-Service Tools

Screening is user-friendly and fast with a wizard-driven and fully automated applicant self-service tool.

Accurate Form Creation<

Accurate Form Creation

Applicants can complete forms quickly and accurately with auto-populated online smart pages, moving the pre-employment screening process forward efficiently.

Global-Friendly Applications

Global-Friendly Applications

Forms and expert assistance are available in multiple-languages, including electronic authorization and consent.

Aurico Audit

Aurico Audit™

Our exclusive auditing process identifies gaps, omissions and potential inaccuracies in documentation, improving information capture and delivering a better 360° profile.

One-on-One Interviewing

One-on-One Interviewing

Whenever possible, we rely on phone interviews during employment, education and reference verifications to gain additional insight into an applicant's background and experience.

Real-Time Stats

Recruiters and hiring managers have real time access to background screening status, eliminating the need to reach out to the applicant.

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