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ATS Integration

The integration makes our process more efficient. The workflow saves a significant amount of time throughout our entire hiring process - CHRO

Accurate and timely background screening and drug testing are paramount. That's why we make the process fast, convenient and predictable. We have streamlined the transmitting of applicant information directly from your ATS to our award-winning WebACE™ screening technology through automated feeds. Errors and time are saved with pre-populated 'smart' data entry throughout the applicant experience.

Simultaneous Data Flow

Simultaneous Data Flow

Reduce turn around times. With WebACE™, applicant data is securely and instantaneously transmitted.

Seamless Redirection

Retain dashboard and security configurations by completing background and drug screening orders via single sign-on redirection.

Instant Updates

Instant Updates

Receive automatic order statuses throughout the background screening process, providing updates directly to applicant's ATS profile.

Data Capture

Data Capture

Reduce data entry by mapping essential application information from ATS to the WebACE™ screening platform.

Single  Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Place new orders securely with encrypted customer information.

Integrated Organization

Integrated Organization

Manage all facets of the recruiting process without accessing multiple systems for information.

Integration  Partners

Integration Partners

Integrate with a wide array of premier applicant tracking systems.

Project Specialist

Project Specialist

A dedicated integration resource is assigned to each project, ensuring quick configuration and efficient implementation.

Zero Fees

Zero Fees

There are no fees incurred for standard WebACE™ integrations, including dedicated support and bi-directional data feeds.

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